Australia is being badly mismanaged

Australia is being badly mismanaged yet we “the people” are being fed a constant diet of balderdash and false figures, we are all wondering why things are so tough for us, but do not understand that the median Australian wage, the wage the most Australian workers are paid, is only $43,000 per annum, less tax, which leaves most of us with only $35,000 per annum with which to pay rates/rent, electricity, food, school uniforms, shoes and clothing and miscellaneous items. No wonder the everyday Australian family is doing it tough, especially if only one parent is able to work; we have high unemployment to add insult to injury and the current federal government has no plan to reverse this situation.

Before 2013 families were helped to cope with low wages by government benefits, such as family tax benefit ‘B’ however in 2016, most of those benefits have been abolished by the current government, and many government services and assets have been privatized by some conservative (L&NP) State governments, all of which leaves the everyday Australian family trying to cope and feeling that they are doing something wrong, which is not the case. We must return Australia to the Australian “people” before even more government services are sold out from underneath us to corporations whose only motive is profit, which in turn means if you can’t afford health services you go without, as happens in the United States of America, in North America.

Australians have always fought for a fair go in the past, and if they don’t stand as one now, this once great country will be completely lost forever to the control of foreign corporations who avoid paying income taxes, which would be of benefit to Australian “people.”


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