Six job vacancies, immediate start

I write to comment on the Townsville Bulletin story – Six job vacancies: immediate start.

For many years Australian Cricket has witnessed an envied bias toward players who either play for New South Wales or who were born there. This bias must be very disheartening for players in other States, who were also good players. Because of this preferential treatment of NSW players, so many have been passed over, in the years that have passed that it would be nearly impossible to name them all. Queensland have also produced many notable players for example Matthew Hayden, Australia’s best ever opening batsman, who had to wait for years, scoring over 1,000 runs consistently in Shield Cricket before he finally got the nod. Our current batsman Chris Lynn should be playing Test Cricket in my humble opinion.

In the team that has just failed, again, there were seven NSW current or former players from the XI-eleven. The other players who were picked such as Callum Ferguson should have been playing Test Cricket at his prime at least five years ago, but was overlooked in favour of a NSW player at that time. This has to stop, this political influence from Cricket NSW in the back rooms of Australian Cricket, pressuring the selectors to pick their players. The best players from “all” states should be picked; the problem being, if on occasions that situation does occur and the player fails first up they never receive another opportunity, or very rarely, as in Matthew Hayden’s case.


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