Surely the good people of Townsville.


Surely the good people of Townsville understand that the State Labor Government is doing their best to curb juvenile crime in our city with the whole of government response which is trying to build a positive pathway for these troubled children. The extremists here would just support a lock them up and throw away the key approach; however this current government is looking for a long term approach in trying to make as many offenders as possible into good citizens, using positive programs, such as ‘back to country.’.

The issues are complex and many, and in my humble opinion I support the government in their quest to produce good responsible citizens out of these juvenile offenders so they can continue their lives on a positive path. Dealing with families living in poverty with the community against them does not achieve anything. The program that the Elders’have developed and other healing programs may just produce what the Townsville community is looking for, it won’t happen in 5 minutes, but it will happen.


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