It had to happen

It had to happen; the Queensland LNP is currently in absolute turmoil from ‘their’ Senator Brandis to the invisible Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls ‘without policies’ for Queensland. The Queensland LNP Senator labelling the Queensland LNP Opposition as “very mediocre” and failing to apologize to their Queensland leader. As far as the Queensland public are aware the only policy the LNP has is to privatize all State government services, the issue on which the Newman government lost the last election on after only one term.

At the federal level the Senator has been embroiled in a situation that appears on the strength of available evidence to be in an attempt to transfer a billion dollars of federal taxes to the State of West Australia, at the expense of every other State and Territory in Australia? With the One Nation party gaining 16% of the Queensland vote according to surveys, the LNP are on a slippery slope and are terrified of the prospect of losing even more seats in the Queensland parliament than they lost to lose government in the last Queensland election.

The resultant effect on the national parliament could also be catastrophic for the L&NP federal government in so many ways. The lacklustre performance of the Turnbull government would not be assisting the conservatives either. The federal party has severely cut “people” benefits, and should be planning a 19% tax upon the foreign corporations who operate within this country tax free, instead of trying to punish tourists for having the audacity to want to visit Australia as backpackers.



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