Seventy years

Seventy years of USA influence finally caught up with our suburb today. Deeragun recorded its first murder. After all the violence we have seen on our TV screens and at the movies, it has finally paid off for those trying to promote anarchy. Why Australians embrace US culture is a mystery to me, we once had an Australian culture that citizens of the USA enjoyed in Crocodile Dundee all those years ago. Since then our culture has been their culture.

Now if these people travel to Australia, all they will see is exactly what they would see at home, thus no reason to travel at all. We have a McDonald’s on nearly every major corner in Townsville. When the Mackay sisters were murdered all those years ago the city was shocked, these days murder seems commonplace, and we see so much of it. May my wife and I send our deepest condolences to the family of the lady who was brutally murdered.


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