So at last we see


So at last we see the last actions of an unpopular government, the L&NP federal government once again are going to punish the poor from the 1st of January 2017. Part pensioners will lose roughly $130 per pay. The federal government have removed almost all benefits from the Australian “people” in the past 3 years, and now they are tackling the poorest of the poor, which is absolutely disgusting, but so typically Liberal and National Party actions.

By the time they are voted out in 2019 there will be nothing left to save, they will have converted this once great nation into a humble copy of the USA, and will have pushed the category of ‘living in poverty’ way past the current rate of over 3 million “people.” That took them 3 years to achieve. The economic mismanagement  has pushed the budget deficit inherited from Labor at $19 Billion to around $40 Billion in only little over 3 years, however what was a budget emergency at $19 Billion has suddenly become ‘good debt’ at around $40 Billion? Having cut or abolished most benefits or concessions that they inherited, to save money, yet their incompetence has managed to treble the deficit. Yet there is one source of revenue that has been deliberately overlooked, the foreign multinational multibillion dollar corporations who this year have grown from the humble amount last year of 579 to this year being 679 corporations who have not paid a cent in income tax since their mates were elected in 2013.

Their quest is almost complete, next will be Medicare, then the PBS and then and only then will they be satisfied.


Shaun Newman

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