I’m not sure

I’m not sure that this letter will be popular however as an Australian of long standing and following Joe Blake’s recent text the Editor, I’d like to add my support to the resistance to the slang ‘bud’ and ‘guy’ these are words used in the United States of America, a country in North America. Personally if I am addressed in those ways I explain that I am an Australian, not a yank. We have addressed each other as ‘mate’ for in excess of 200 years, why should we adopt any other countries language?

Australia has a proud history except for the slaughter of Aboriginals, we have built a modern country from scratch, we have notable Australians in our history like Ned Kelly yet through the media and movies Australians now know much more about the USA than our own country,  traditions foreign to us like Halloween, Thanks Giving etc have been foreign  to my way of thinking,  we had our own identity with ringers (not cowboys) blokes (not guys) mates (not buds) it is almost as though we Australians have a mass inferiority complex, instead of being as proud as punch about our own nation.


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