How disappointing

How disappointing it was to read Labor should want to tighten up on welfare errors TB 27.01.17 from Debra Gibson.

Unfortunately Ms Gibson concentrated on only half the story, and sadly she got that wrong. Now I can’t speak for the Labor Party, however examining welfare fraud has been an ongoing action from both progressive and conservative governments, the current issue is the means by which the process is being applied, the current LNP govt, is by computer without human oversight. One wonders how Ms Gibson would feel if she had to rely on Centrelink payments to survive, and supplied correct information, only to receive a debt notice for $7,000 and have to try to prove that the computer is wrong. This is the outgoings.

Ms Gibson, should also concentrate on the other side of the coin, that affects our Treasury, that being a lack of revenue from giant foreign corporations operating within Australia, our Treasury foregoes many Billions of dollars every year that should be had in income tax from these corporations, unfortunately according to Roy Morgan Research figures and due to extremely poor economic management we now have in excess of 2.5 million Australians who are either unemployed or underemployed, which is precisely why the drain on Centrelink payments is so high. Perhaps this conservative federal government should compile a jobs plan for our country, and cut the loop holes out of the tax legislation that the corporations use to avoid paying tax.This is the incoming. Most people understand that there are two sides to a ledger.

With the revenue raised the government could undertake some badly needed national infrastructure that would create thousands of jobs and get this great country back on its feet. After all it is this conservative government who have allowed our economy to deteriorate to its current situation.



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