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Since 2013


Since 2013 the LNP government has attacked we everyday Australians unmercifully, firstly in their first budget in 2014 they cut $80 Billion from public health and education (schools and hospitals) they have gone on to abolish almost every government benefit we used to have, the schoolkids bonus, family tax benefit B the list is almost endless. Most recently cutting penalty rates from the poorest paid working people in Australia, some of these people are lone parents, some are the bread winner in a one income family, and all are working poor.


Now just to add insult to injury we have heard today of wage increases for federal parliamentarians whose benefits are in the extreme category, and which they take at every opportunity, like being paid $270 per night to stay in your own home when in Canberra, and so many more. These LNP parliamentarians are the people who lobbied the Fair Work Australia for months to get the outcome they wanted on Thursday.


Everyday Australians must see the light, the LNP are a collective of greedy people who are servants of the world’s 0.1% of global wealthy people, the people who own 50% plus of the global economy. This LNP government, structures their tax policy in a way that offers multinational multibillion dollar foreign owned corporations to collect huge billion dollar incomes, and avoid paying a cent in income tax, they certainly are not concerned with the everyday Australian who continues to vote for them, heaven knows why? We have seen the Australian people suffer 1,186,000 unemployed and a further 1,398,000 underemployed people who are desperate for work, but who cannot find a job for love nor money. Australia now has a record 3 million plus people living below the poverty line, and upward of 200,000 homeless people yet this tory government don’t care a jot. It is a government for big business, not people.


I am going on 62 years of age and in my lifetime I have never seen this nation in worse shape, it feels as if we are in recession, and we probably are, it’s just that the ‘official figures’ don’t show it, the (ABS) themselves a victim of savage LNP cuts, so much so that last year’s Census could not be carried out properly. The independent research organization Roy Morgan Research puts the unemployment rate at 9.2% in December 2016 whereas government figures have it at 5.6%. I know which source I believe.


The ordinary Australian who ‘doesn’t follow politics’ had better begin to do so or he or she won’t know what hit them. While we are employed we don’t see the real picture, however when we lose our job, it becomes crystal clear. We must oust this uncaring, mean and nasty hypocritical LNP conservative government at the first possible opportunity, or we will have to write off a whole generation of Australians, just to appease the insatiable greed of a few wealthy selfish people.


Can we really believe


Can we really believe the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures, when not so long ago they had a crisis trying to collate the Australian Census figures, due to under-funding and staff cuts under the Abbott/Turnbull LNP governments.

A totally independent research group Roy Morgan Research put the unemployment figure on their report of 16th of January 2017 (Finding No7123) to be steady at “9.2%” consisting of 1,186,000 people but underemployment to be “10.8%” consisting of 1,398,000 down or 0.7%, desperately looking for more hours of work as they were doing it tough trying to provide for themselves and their families.

Furthermore they found that December 2016 a total of 2.584 million Australians, 20% of the workforces were in this terrible situation, down 106,000 from the December 2015 figure. While some progress has been made, there were still far too many unemployed in this country. This equates to 2.584 personal stories of hardship and the Turnbull government seems to have no answers, this situation is not good enough, and cutting penalty rates to the lowest paid workers in the country is certainly not the answer, in fact this will send small businesses out of business. We desperately need an election, and a huge government investment in our nation to get our people back to work.

It has been a sad and frustrating week


It has been a sad and frustrating week, if you happen to be a struggling lowly paid working person who has to work weekends to put food on your families table. The Abbott/Turnbull governments have attacked us from both sides, not only cutting tens of billions of funding for public utilities like hospitals and schools making our families lives more expensive, now they have attacked the poorest of the working poor’s pay packets.

Apparently PM Turnbull has just given himself and his ilk a tax cut in the order of $6,000, a similar amount to what these desperate working poor families will lose, by having their pay packets reduced over a 12 month period. One southern newspaper’s headline read 650,000 workers lose $77 per week or words to that effect. This will push some families to the breaking point; we can expect a rise in the suicide rate, while other families will hold on by the skin of their teeth. It was great to see companies like Lush Australia support its employees and ignore the (un) Fairwork Australia decision and assure their employees that their pay rates and penalty rates would continue unchanged. The tens of billions of dollars saved by this government in ripping services off the needy should have produced a budget surplus, yet through their incompetence the budget deficit is continually growing? Small businesses will be the big loser from this decision.

This LNP government has been cruel from the time it was elected in 2013, they have now added evil to their description, please spare a thought for people you know who work as shop assistants (no matter their title) service station workers, gardeners, trades assistants, storemen, clerks required to work on weekends in order to feed their families, the poorest of the poor in the Australian workforce, they are now even poorer. This federal government is an absolute disgrace.


On this significany Wednesday morning


On this significant Wednesday morning we have both Prime Minister Turnbull and Treasurer Morrison telling us that this Turnbull government is looking at increasing taxes for everyday Australians because they cannot get their unfair omnibus bill through the Australian Senate.

The omnibus bill has been designed to cut $4 Billion from government expenditure in other words deprive everyday Australians of $4 Billion worth of government benefits, quite clearly both men and the Finance Minister Mathais Cormann have overnight and this morning threated funding to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and/or higher taxes for everyday Australians or further cuts to pensioners. They insist though, on giving $50 Billion supposedly in tax cuts, for large corporations such as the Commonwealth Bank, who this morning announced a ‘half year’ profit of $4.9 Billion. It is abundantly clear now that this LNP Turnbull government has absolutely no care for this countries “people”, only their mates in the huge Australian and foreign boardrooms  of corporations who each and every year avoid paying their fair share of income tax, and in many cases pay nothing.

Pay As You Go (PAYG) taxpayers run an extremely distant second to these huge corporations.


The Turnbull government


The Turnbull government is fraying at the edges, having already lost an MP after only little over 6 months in office, there has been no improvement in the unemployment rate of 9.2% (Roy Morgan Research figures) with is in excess of 1,101,000 unemployed and a further 1,002,000 underemployed unable to find enough hours to support themselves or their families. Out of a population of 24 million people we now have in excess of 3 million people living below the poverty line, with no sign that these numbers will improve anytime soon.

We are being squeezed between our best ally the USA who calls our Prime Minister Mr Trumble and our best customer China who buy a large percentage of what the USA corporations dig up out of Australia. US President Trump who in his first two weeks seemed to be sizing China up for war seems to have been told that the US Corporations operating within Australia were making huge profits from the sale of our minerals, and to tone it down. So it was Trump who after receiving a phone call from the Chinese President meekly agreed on the One China policy, thus sustaining Australia’s mining employment.

It appears that our federal government is asleep at the wheel, so it seems as though we can thank China for putting a rocket up Trump.


The Corruption of the Cutie: Is Turnbull Now a Mean Girl?

The Red Window

turnbull-angry2Is Turnbull just a Mean Girl, or is he a Heisenberg or possibly a Trumbleberg? What has he become?  The once suave leather jacket wearing moderate has transformed into the incarnation of Abbott with his sycophant speech.  A man full of angry personally abusive ranting and zero policy.

The media seem to really get their rocks off on this type of abusive ranting politician. They love it. They channel Highlander with “There can be only One!” in their writing. They wallow unashamedly in it. As they did with Abbott. For this reason, vulnerable people will always be doomed.

The media (except VanBadham) have missed the mark. The only thing that will be immortalised about the Turnbull Speech is how the media got this wrong. Except Van Badham. Trust Van to be head and shoulders above the rest, standing against the grain.

The media have compared the sycophant speech with Gillard’s misogyny speech…

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Please Sir…Can I have some More? Mooooree?

Turnbull only said two things to me yesterday. Only the real rich kids belong at the table with other rich kids and Rich people never, ever understand poor people. We loathe them and we simply must…

Source: Please Sir…Can I have some More? Mooooree?

Please Sir…Can I have some More? Mooooree?

The Red Window

turnbull-winningIt is very clear to us now that Malcolm Turnbull knows his place and we should all damn well know ours. Through his attack on Bill Shorten yesterday, he let us all know that only the ‘real’ rich kids get to sit at the table with other ‘real’ rich kids. If you are the poor kid who gets that invitation to go to the cool rich kids party, then you better not show up, cos the rich kids are waiting to slap you down.

Please Sir Can I Have Some More?

In question time yesterday, Labor Leader, Bill Shorten loudly objected to the Turnbull Government’s harsh cuts on families, pensioners and the poor in general. For those who continuously state that Liberal and Labor are the same; please take note of this stark contrast between the two and please press the buzzer and get off this bizarre unicorn led school bus you…

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Tax Cuts Do Not Create Jobs

Media Inequality

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Corporate tax cuts do no create jobs. It is important to understand this very simple, very obvious fact no matter what #alternativefacts you see.

The Liberal government, and their owners in the CEO-union, the Business Council of Australia, are revving up a PR campaign to spread their lies, the likes of which we haven’t seen since billionaire miners stood on the back of utes wearing pearls, pretending like they’d met their workers before. And it’s up to us: you and me and everyone you talk to about this very fact, to refute this claim until we’re tired of refuting it, but we’ll keep going because it’s seriously important to all of us.

Let’s make something clear. The Liberals and the Business Council know they are lying when they say tax cuts create jobs. That’s a given. But they have to come up with some excuse for this…

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