It has been a sad and frustrating week


It has been a sad and frustrating week, if you happen to be a struggling lowly paid working person who has to work weekends to put food on your families table. The Abbott/Turnbull governments have attacked us from both sides, not only cutting tens of billions of funding for public utilities like hospitals and schools making our families lives more expensive, now they have attacked the poorest of the working poor’s pay packets.

Apparently PM Turnbull has just given himself and his ilk a tax cut in the order of $6,000, a similar amount to what these desperate working poor families will lose, by having their pay packets reduced over a 12 month period. One southern newspaper’s headline read 650,000 workers lose $77 per week or words to that effect. This will push some families to the breaking point; we can expect a rise in the suicide rate, while other families will hold on by the skin of their teeth. It was great to see companies like Lush Australia support its employees and ignore the (un) Fairwork Australia decision and assure their employees that their pay rates and penalty rates would continue unchanged. The tens of billions of dollars saved by this government in ripping services off the needy should have produced a budget surplus, yet through their incompetence the budget deficit is continually growing? Small businesses will be the big loser from this decision.

This LNP government has been cruel from the time it was elected in 2013, they have now added evil to their description, please spare a thought for people you know who work as shop assistants (no matter their title) service station workers, gardeners, trades assistants, storemen, clerks required to work on weekends in order to feed their families, the poorest of the poor in the Australian workforce, they are now even poorer. This federal government is an absolute disgrace.



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