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With the frequency of extreme weather


With the frequency of destructive and extreme weather events increasing exponentially in the past two decades, the last thing we need in Australia is another coal mine which will exacerbate the already challenged situation of Climate Change. Mother Nature has protested in the North Queensland region in this past two decades with cyclone Larry, and Yasi and now cyclone Debbie, all destructive weather events along with other less destructive cyclones that have cost Australia many billions of dollars and a lot of heartbreak for those people affected.

We in North Queensland have a unique opportunity for power generation at the Burdekin Falls Dam. The project was originally designed complete with a hydroelectric power station which was included in the design as well as a direct gravity fed pipeline to Townsville’s Ross River Dam to guarantee water supply to the city of Townsville well into the future, however those plans were cut short and all we ended up with was the Burdekin Falls Dam itself. The dam remains a great public asset, but one that offers so much more than we are currently receiving from her.

Townsville is now in a precarious position regarding water supply and Australia needs more energy capacity added to the east coast grid, now seems to be the perfect time for the Turnbull and Palaszczuk governments to come together to finish the job that went uncompleted at the completion of the Burdekin Falls Dam in 1987 so Townsville can have water security and the east coast electricity grid can have a boost in capacity to replace the Hazelwood power station exit.

James Packer is a man on the run from law enforcement agencies in China and Israel. Mr Packer’s company, Crown Resorts, is also being sued for tax dodging and by shareholders who claim they were lied to and/or deceived by Packer’s management team. China arrested 18 of Packer’s casino staff in October last year and […]

via Billionaire James Packer. Is he the world’s richest and most wanted fugitive? — Kangaroo Court of Australia

The Australian population

The Australian population is growing at too fast a rate to be sustainable and we need a federal government or COAG agreement to slow that population down. We know the Australian continent is the driest inhabited continent on Earth, yet we continue to grow at 1.7 percent per year we simply do not have the resources to accommodate the extra people.

Some very knowledgeable people have recognized this fact. Most Australians live on or near the coast simply because a great proportion of our continent is desert, we desperately need the political parties to recognize that something must be done, and soon. My idea is that families should be limited to three children at most. Any more than three and all government benefits should be removed from that family, yes it is that serious. Those of us who live in the dry tropics are acutely aware that water security is the number one priority.

Townsville is the largest city in Northern Australia and even though rain often falls close to us our Ross River Dam has around 18 percent of water stored, however our city council continues to approve new sub divisions and welcomes new people as though our dam was full, this is unsustainable, we are already on severe water restrictions, when will politicians grasp the nettle and apply common sense instead of feeding developers greed?

Liberal senator admits 18C changes are designed to win back PHON voters

No Place For Sheep

Brandis bigotry cartoon for 25 3 14 by Cathy Wilcox
“Bigot Pride March”

In case you did not suspect that Malcolm Turnbull’s explosion of piss and wind on Section 18C yesterday was entirely self-serving, this morning on Radio National Breakfast news, Liberal Senator James Paterson confirmed that the exercise was part of a suite of measures designed to win back votes from Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

Oh look! A Liberal can speak the truth!

It was as well another of Turnbull’s abject efforts to hold onto his rickety leadership by placating his simmeringly mutinous right-wing.  I hesitate to call them colleagues: that implies a co-operative relationship and this lot are snapping at their leader’s heels like a pack of rabid ferrets. Assuaging these furies is the motivation behind some 99.99% of Turnbull’s worryingly unhinged thought bubbles.

What yesterday’s exercise most certainly was not, is an expression of concern for the…

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Sally McManus, the hero

Media Inequality

Sally McManus is the hero of workers. Turnbull is welcome to try to villainise her, but in doing so, he’s only making himself the enemy.

In her first television interview as head representative of people who work, McManus was involved in what media-insiders call a ‘gotcha moment’. Courtesy of the get-me-a-gotcha-moment-in-place-of-any-useful-political-analysis-queen, Leigh Sales. In their version of events, McManus was in hot water for backing the safety of workers at any cost, even if that cost is breaking laws designed to help employers shirk any responsibility for protecting people who work for them.

Right wingers squealed in delight when Sales drew supposably controversial comments out of McManus so early in the piece. The attacks came thick and fast from all the obvious places, including many journalists, who tut-tutted about law-breaking as if the law-breaking in question was home invasion or carjacking. Even those from Fairfax, who were more than happy…

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Malcolm Turnbull’s decision


Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to try to expand the capacity of the Snowy River Hydro Scheme first announced by Labor Prime Minister Ben Chiffley in 1949 is commendable in an effort to add renewable energy to the East Coast grid.  I see Jay Wetherall’s $360 million gas fired electricity plant with enhanced battery storage and the Turnbull move, both good steps in the right direction for Australia’s future energy needs.

That said, and as a North Queenslander, the obvious enhancement to that grid is a base load power station which has been promised for North Queensland. Logically we have the mighty Burdekin Falls Dam west of Townsville completed by the Hawke Labor government in 1987, (30 years ago) which can easily be transformed into a baseload Hydro Electricity generator by following the original plans for it to be not only a huge hydro electricity generator for North Queensland, but also to include gravity fed water supply to Townsville’s Ross River dam, to provide both energy and water security for North Queensland.

If Mr Turnbull can spend $2 Billion in Sydney accommodating southern eastern States future energy needs, why is it that North Queensland is continuously ignored by both State and Federal governments of both colours for many decades when our infrastructure is so sadly lacking? Do we not pay the same rate of tax as our southern counterparts, does not North Queensland mineral wealth provide billions of export dollars for our current trade balance, along with sugar and bananas and many other goods we produce. It’s time North Queensland received something in return, the Burdekin Falls Hydro Electric Scheme and gravity fed pipeline to Townsville’s Ross River Dam is the game changer, we in the North have sought for so long, and as a bonus it would improve both the Queensland and Federal government’s commitment at the Paris Clime Change conference.



I’m flabbergasted


I’m flabbergasted to read Saturday’s Townsville Bulletin to see in the Letters to the Editor and Text to the Editor Sections, Townsville’s water supply still being discussed, this is the largest city in Northern Australia and everyone seems to be blaming everyone else, still!

The obvious solution  is to revisit the original Burdekin Falls Dam Project which was built primarily by the Hawke Labor government between 1983 and 1987, with some minor involvement from the LNP government of the then State Premier Sir Joh.

As I understand the situation the dam was supposed to have been expanded but Sir Joh wouldn’t put up his share of the money to complete the project. This was an opportunity missed, we could have had a base load hydroelectricity station to power North Queensland, encompassing a gravity fed pipeline to Townsville’s Ross River Dam, providing both the necessary base load power and sufficient water for a then growing city. Why can’t the Turnbull and Palaszczuk governments come together now, and build the original plan extensions, which would solve all of our problems? Or will Townsville be allowed to fail because neither government can think outside the square?


WA Voters: Disrupt the Disruption. Let’s Blow This Shit Up!

The Red Window

explosionWA voters! Lend me your ears! Ask yourself this: “Do I want to be a disruptor? OR Do I want to disrupt the disruption?” You are in a game. Today, you need to decide which role you play.

It Is Just A Game

There is absolutely no doubt we are in the middle of a game. A game fuelled on by the media and populist politics. A game played to see just how many people don’t really care about politics. They are asking you today when you vote (and the media are testing you on this) “How much do you actually care about Western Australia?”

The media have played this game for a while now. It’s a fun game for the media. Because this game fuels suspicion and a divide amongst us all. It sees politicians scrambling. This agenda is a game to see how the politicians respond to this…

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