I’m flabbergasted


I’m flabbergasted to read Saturday’s Townsville Bulletin to see in the Letters to the Editor and Text to the Editor Sections, Townsville’s water supply still being discussed, this is the largest city in Northern Australia and everyone seems to be blaming everyone else, still!

The obvious solution  is to revisit the original Burdekin Falls Dam Project which was built primarily by the Hawke Labor government between 1983 and 1987, with some minor involvement from the LNP government of the then State Premier Sir Joh.

As I understand the situation the dam was supposed to have been expanded but Sir Joh wouldn’t put up his share of the money to complete the project. This was an opportunity missed, we could have had a base load hydroelectricity station to power North Queensland, encompassing a gravity fed pipeline to Townsville’s Ross River Dam, providing both the necessary base load power and sufficient water for a then growing city. Why can’t the Turnbull and Palaszczuk governments come together now, and build the original plan extensions, which would solve all of our problems? Or will Townsville be allowed to fail because neither government can think outside the square?



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