The Australian population

The Australian population is growing at too fast a rate to be sustainable and we need a federal government or COAG agreement to slow that population down. We know the Australian continent is the driest inhabited continent on Earth, yet we continue to grow at 1.7 percent per year we simply do not have the resources to accommodate the extra people.

Some very knowledgeable people have recognized this fact. Most Australians live on or near the coast simply because a great proportion of our continent is desert, we desperately need the political parties to recognize that something must be done, and soon. My idea is that families should be limited to three children at most. Any more than three and all government benefits should be removed from that family, yes it is that serious. Those of us who live in the dry tropics are acutely aware that water security is the number one priority.

Townsville is the largest city in Northern Australia and even though rain often falls close to us our Ross River Dam has around 18 percent of water stored, however our city council continues to approve new sub divisions and welcomes new people as though our dam was full, this is unsustainable, we are already on severe water restrictions, when will politicians grasp the nettle and apply common sense instead of feeding developers greed?


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