With the frequency of extreme weather


With the frequency of destructive and extreme weather events increasing exponentially in the past two decades, the last thing we need in Australia is another coal mine which will exacerbate the already challenged situation of Climate Change. Mother Nature has protested in the North Queensland region in this past two decades with cyclone Larry, and Yasi and now cyclone Debbie, all destructive weather events along with other less destructive cyclones that have cost Australia many billions of dollars and a lot of heartbreak for those people affected.

We in North Queensland have a unique opportunity for power generation at the Burdekin Falls Dam. The project was originally designed complete with a hydroelectric power station which was included in the design as well as a direct gravity fed pipeline to Townsville’s Ross River Dam to guarantee water supply to the city of Townsville well into the future, however those plans were cut short and all we ended up with was the Burdekin Falls Dam itself. The dam remains a great public asset, but one that offers so much more than we are currently receiving from her.

Townsville is now in a precarious position regarding water supply and Australia needs more energy capacity added to the east coast grid, now seems to be the perfect time for the Turnbull and Palaszczuk governments to come together to finish the job that went uncompleted at the completion of the Burdekin Falls Dam in 1987 so Townsville can have water security and the east coast electricity grid can have a boost in capacity to replace the Hazelwood power station exit.



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