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It seems that if speculation


It seems that if speculation by political pundits is correct our working class bright students will be deprived of a university education by cost and the situation will return to the 1960s where only children of the very well-off were able to further their education to tertiary level. It is being mooted that Treasurer Morrison’s May budget will contain further government funding cuts to universities so in turn the universities will use this as an excuse to increase student’s fees by up to 25 per cent instead of looking at their senior management salary levels of payment for savings.

The DNA of privilege runs through this LNP government’s veins, so the rise in fees will not affect their families, so the return to university qualifications being only for the wealthy will suit this government as they endeavour to restrict professional graduates to the ranks of the wealthy only. One of the problems with this policy is the smaller cities like Townsville and Newcastle who relies on local and overseas students to boost their cities economy and to fill unpalatable jobs i.e. midnight shifts at petrol stations.

Of course there will be the usual social problems associated with bright young people having to take menial work when they might have used their intelligence in much more productive ways.  When is all said and done this federal government has shown by example that it cannot manage Australia’s economy well, and it continues to worsen.

The Racist Agenda Was Made to Destroy The Working Class

The Red Window

fear2The fear of ‘the others’ permeates everything lately. Social media, politicians, commentators and the mainstream media are enabling a culture of stigma and ‘othering’. Fear of people we don’t understand shuffles beneath the surface of individual thought.  These fears have a parasitic grip on beliefs, ideas and thought. It channels thought, word and deed through the prism of fear. This fear is a man-made construct, developed by conservatives to destroy the working class.  It can be framed as the pre-agenda of the real agenda. The real agenda for the conservatives is as always – to destroy the working class. The pre-agenda is to establish a base, through fear of others, to help them get there.

Racism, Fear and Work Choices

This pre-agenda was first tried in the 1990’s with the aim to support the real agenda. That was to see more people embrace Howard’s Work Choices. In the 1990’s the stigma and…

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What would your priority be to solve Townsville’s water crisis


What would your priority be to solve Townsville’s water crisis. My choice would be to hasten back to the original plan at the time of the construction of the Burdekin Falls Dam. The plans involved a hydroelectricity base load power station and a direct gravity feed pipeline to Townsville’s Ross Dam, sadly the Queensland Premier of the day Sir Joh Bejlkie-Petersen would not cough up his share of the funding so the cheaper option was built.

I can see no reason why the original plan could not be put into place today if both the Queensland and the Australian governments could agree on a funding formula for the nearly 200,000 people of Townsville. A large scale gravity fed pipeline direct to our Ross Dam is the answer, but will the politicians advocate for it, as well as the hydroelectric base load power station? Half of the project has already been built and has been invaluable since it was constructed in 1987. C’mon local politicians advocate for the original plan to be completed better late than never. Please don’t compound the mistake from the 1980s.


Enough is enough, Malcolm

Media Inequality

Dear Malcolm,

It’s been a while since I’ve written an Open Letter. Please don’t think this is due to any apathy on my part; it’s more to do with being too busy to write to you every time your behaviour warranted correspondence. In a way, it’s a sly strategy on your part; move onto the next scandal, the next mistake, the next example of gross incompetence, before we all have a chance to respond fully to the last. But today Malcolm, today I finally felt compelled to pause and type. It’s not that I think you’ve hit rock bottom – I’m too much of a realist to expect you won’t get any worse. No, it’s more that this blog has become a historical account of the political landscape, and I feel your most recent actions need to be properly condemned on the public record in a way that the mainstream…

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Well, what a scam

Well, what a scam, confidence trick or whatever one would like to label the LNP abolition of 457 Visas as announced yesterday by Prime Minister Turnbull. Because the figures according to Roy Morgan Research puts the number of unemployed in Australia at 9.4% with, with in excess of 1.1 million Australians in dire straits with a further 1.1 million Australians under employed wanting to work more hours in order to support themselves and or their family. The 457 Visa has come under constant attack as employers import workers in order to pay cheap wages as happens in many instances.

Prime Minister Turnbull thinks he can hoodwink the Australian public by changing the name that applies to all these overseas workers, and splitting them into two separate groups, one group can stay for 2 years and the other 4 years, there are a few very minor rule changes but essentially ‘nothing has changed.’ This subversive policy will not make it any easier, for the in excess of 2.2 million Australian people to find a job; it is simply designed to relieve the political pressure of the anger directed at the LNP government for allowing 95,000 457 Visa holders into Australia to do every day Aussies  out of a job.

Xenophon: a box of revolting chocolates

Tricky Nicky a true tory at heart.

Media Inequality

Nick Xenophon has capitulated to Turnbull’s big business pressure group by supporting a 5% cut to corporate taxes. That’s right; the man who markets himself as a maverick, as a pox-on-the-major-parties-houses, as literally ‘a common sense alternative’ to establishment politics, as the champion of the little guy and as someone who holds the bastards to account, has shown himself to be chief bastard.

Like a plot from a how-not-to-negotiate training video, Xenophon caved on a policy that he had forever promised to stand firm on, by letting the government gift a tax cut to businesses earning up to $50 million dollars a year, in return for a useless-piece-of-paper-report and possibly a one-off discount on energy bills for welfare recipients, no bigger than the discount you already get for paying a bill on time. The outcome of this king-maker’s negotiation is akin to swapping a Ferrari for a match box car.

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