Well, what a scam

Well, what a scam, confidence trick or whatever one would like to label the LNP abolition of 457 Visas as announced yesterday by Prime Minister Turnbull. Because the figures according to Roy Morgan Research puts the number of unemployed in Australia at 9.4% with, with in excess of 1.1 million Australians in dire straits with a further 1.1 million Australians under employed wanting to work more hours in order to support themselves and or their family. The 457 Visa has come under constant attack as employers import workers in order to pay cheap wages as happens in many instances.

Prime Minister Turnbull thinks he can hoodwink the Australian public by changing the name that applies to all these overseas workers, and splitting them into two separate groups, one group can stay for 2 years and the other 4 years, there are a few very minor rule changes but essentially ‘nothing has changed.’ This subversive policy will not make it any easier, for the in excess of 2.2 million Australian people to find a job; it is simply designed to relieve the political pressure of the anger directed at the LNP government for allowing 95,000 457 Visa holders into Australia to do every day Aussies  out of a job.


2 thoughts on “Well, what a scam

  1. freefall852 says:

    Smacks of polling desperation..

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