What would your priority be to solve Townsville’s water crisis


What would your priority be to solve Townsville’s water crisis. My choice would be to hasten back to the original plan at the time of the construction of the Burdekin Falls Dam. The plans involved a hydroelectricity base load power station and a direct gravity feed pipeline to Townsville’s Ross Dam, sadly the Queensland Premier of the day Sir Joh Bejlkie-Petersen would not cough up his share of the funding so the cheaper option was built.

I can see no reason why the original plan could not be put into place today if both the Queensland and the Australian governments could agree on a funding formula for the nearly 200,000 people of Townsville. A large scale gravity fed pipeline direct to our Ross Dam is the answer, but will the politicians advocate for it, as well as the hydroelectric base load power station? Half of the project has already been built and has been invaluable since it was constructed in 1987. C’mon local politicians advocate for the original plan to be completed better late than never. Please don’t compound the mistake from the 1980s.



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