It seems that if speculation


It seems that if speculation by political pundits is correct our working class bright students will be deprived of a university education by cost and the situation will return to the 1960s where only children of the very well-off were able to further their education to tertiary level. It is being mooted that Treasurer Morrison’s May budget will contain further government funding cuts to universities so in turn the universities will use this as an excuse to increase student’s fees by up to 25 per cent instead of looking at their senior management salary levels of payment for savings.

The DNA of privilege runs through this LNP government’s veins, so the rise in fees will not affect their families, so the return to university qualifications being only for the wealthy will suit this government as they endeavour to restrict professional graduates to the ranks of the wealthy only. One of the problems with this policy is the smaller cities like Townsville and Newcastle who relies on local and overseas students to boost their cities economy and to fill unpalatable jobs i.e. midnight shifts at petrol stations.

Of course there will be the usual social problems associated with bright young people having to take menial work when they might have used their intelligence in much more productive ways.  When is all said and done this federal government has shown by example that it cannot manage Australia’s economy well, and it continues to worsen.


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