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Having seen my child’s education



Letter to the Editor

Having seen my own child’s education fall short due to ‘a special needs’ child’s disruption of the classroom and threats to her person I find myself in the very uncomfortable position of having to agree with Senator Hanson on the matter of segregation of autistic children from regular classrooms.

Teachers are in an impossible position these days, not being able to control students as no discipline exists with which to punish unruly students. My daughter has been subject to flying chairs and desks launched by an autistic ‘special needs’ child who managed to completely disrupt the class. Queensland Education ‘special needs’ students need more supervision than the everyday child in all situations including education.

The ‘special needs’ child who disrupted my daughters classes has gone on to a career of crime, appearing recently in the Townsville Bulletins pages after assaulting a ‘friend’ of his.

Congratulations must go to the Turnbull LNP government


Letter to the Editor

Congratulations must go to the Turnbull LNP government on their ‘jobs and growth’ strategy, the latest figures from Roy Morgan Research says that our unemployment and underemployment number has risen appreciably from 2.2 million to 2.6 million that is 2.6 million Australian households under severe financial pressure. We heard from ACOSS in January that Australia had passed the three million mark of Australians living below the poverty line, goodness knows what that figure must be today.

Opening new coal mines is a 19th century answer to a 21st century problem, the greenhouse gases produced from continued coal mining will destroy our Great Barrier Reef and the 70,000 jobs that our reef supports, leaving Queensland destitute for jobs and Australia even more destitute for ‘jobs and growth’ this failure can only be placed at the feet of the federal LNP government who have occupied the federal government benches for four long years.


Shaun Newman

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Gees I feel embarressed

Gees I feel embarrassed for and on behalf of some North Queensland residents, knowing so little about politics that the One Nation vote has gone as high as 20.9 per cent in some areas of North Queensland. The absence of knowledge about politics sees many disillusioned people turning to the proxy Liberal Party which is One Nation.

One Nation voting history in the Senate has agreed with every piece of controversial piece of LNP legislation that the tory government has raised, including the cut to ordinary pensioners, who have worked all their lives on lousy wages and who have had to struggle to survive on the pitiful amount of pension payment handed out by this anti-people government.

How ordinary people can turn on their own kind and approve this punishment of the poor is beyond me, it’s time people woke up and smelt the roses and began giving a bugger about their fellow Australian and kicked ‘all’ of these conservative parties, including One Nation out of our parliaments.

Now that President Trump


Letter to the Editor

Now that President Trump has placed the Earth on a collision course with dangerous Climate Change by reneging on the USA commitment to tackle the warming of the Earth and to try to restrict that warming to under 2 degrees.

The United States is responsible for 16 per cent of Earths total carbon pollution so if they walk away from this Paris agreement, hopefully the other 195 countries, will apply sanctions to the United States to put political pressure on them to reengage and take responsibility for the carbon pollution that they produce.

Thankfully some of the states within the United States are pressing ahead with their own climate change measures which will be a significant move in assisting the global community to deal effectively with the ever present menace.


Shaun Newman