Gees I feel embarressed

Gees I feel embarrassed for and on behalf of some North Queensland residents, knowing so little about politics that the One Nation vote has gone as high as 20.9 per cent in some areas of North Queensland. The absence of knowledge about politics sees many disillusioned people turning to the proxy Liberal Party which is One Nation.

One Nation voting history in the Senate has agreed with every piece of controversial piece of LNP legislation that the tory government has raised, including the cut to ordinary pensioners, who have worked all their lives on lousy wages and who have had to struggle to survive on the pitiful amount of pension payment handed out by this anti-people government.

How ordinary people can turn on their own kind and approve this punishment of the poor is beyond me, it’s time people woke up and smelt the roses and began giving a bugger about their fellow Australian and kicked ‘all’ of these conservative parties, including One Nation out of our parliaments.


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