Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s


Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s address to the IPA yesterday contained the words “Australia plainly, is not working as it should” and that “we are letting ourselves down”. I couldn’t agree more with Mr Abbott, however not for the same reasons as he expressed. This current government have extremist right wing policies that are harming this country both economically and socially, transferring wealth from everyday Australians to wealthy individuals and foreign multinational corporations.

Because of the lack of wages increase in recent years under the Abbott/Turnbull government and in some cases an actual decrease in wages via the cut to penalty rates, many economists and social commentators are predicting Australia’s economy will fail in the near future and we will go into a severe recession as the everyday person is confronted with ever increasing costs of living without the wage increase to cope with same.

Australia must break away from this anti-people, anti-tax for foreign corporation’s policies because it certainly is not a fair go for everyday Australians.



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