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I Just Want A Sally McManus T-Shirt!

The Red Window

Sally McManusI don’t know about you, but I have not felt like this in a long time! Sally McManus is a real life hero. Sally is a bringer of hope.

It Cuts Deep

Equality and fairness cut very deep for me. I was one of six children and my father was on the disability pension. I was raised in housing commission in a regional town, in Queensland. One thing my Father used to say to me is, “On the pension, you can’t improve. This is it. There is no more money than what they give you.’ I understood life was different for us.

From the moment I could read, I took a keen interest in politics. I would sit at the table and trawl through the Australian and Courier Mail, turning the pages (which were almost as big as the table). Amongst the political stories, I searched for hope.

I would…

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My World Outside MSM: 25 July 2017

The Red Window

Grey kittenThe world outside mainstream media is a wonderful place. Every week, I will take you with me as I look back over my last week in my world outside the MSM. All articles, tweets and blogs are embedded, so click and share the love for independent news and people power!

Favourite News Article This Week

My favourite independent news article this week is by Krish Na. Absolutely top marks for investigative journalism. Krish Na reports that One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts may not only be still a citizen of India but possibly a British citizen as well.

Malcolm Roberts Independent Australia

Malcolm Roberts’ s44 conundrum: The Rajiv Gandhi connection

Malcolm Roberts, in spite of his express denials, very likely continues to be a citizen of India, thanks partly to India’s former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Krish Na reports. AFTER GREENS Senator Larissa Waters’ resignation, One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts issued a statement saying that…

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House Music: The Rise of Ministerial Advisers

The Red Window

Dr. NgThe rise of Ministerial Advisers is examined by Dr Yee-Fui Ng. Peta Credlin, Kevin Rudd and Children Overboard are interesting inclusions. This week I also introduce a new element in House Music – Senate Occasional Lectures. Senate Occasional Lectures are part of the Seminars and Lectures Series in Parliament House.

Dr Ng is a lecturer at RMIT. Her research interests are in the areas of political integrity and law. She has worked as a Policy Adviser to Prime Minister and Cabinet and as a Senior Legal Adviser in the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet. Dr Ng is the author of Ministerial Advisers in Australia – The Modern Legal Context. For this book, Dr Ng interviews 22 former and current Ministers and Members of Parliament, including four former Premiers, two former Treasurers, five former Senior Ministers, one leader of the Greens and two former speakers. Dr Ng uses theming to explain…

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Suffer in Ya Jocks! Turnbull Scoffs at Disaster Funding

The Red Window

cyclone marciaA natural disaster has hit Rockhampton every two years since 2008. When a Prime Minister thinks natural disasters are not a national issue, he needs to go. 

The Prime Minister has made another attempt to divide Australians and pit state against state. Frustratingly, he has turned his back on Queensland by refusing to assist with Disaster Funding. Explicitly, the Prime Minister does not see disaster mitigation as a national issue. In other words, Turnbull believes that if bushfires rage through NSW, that is a problem for NSW. Similarly, if floods and cyclones hit Queensland, therefore, it is a problem for Queensland.

Clearly, Turnbull’s leadership on this issue is pathetic. The People’s Prime Minister he is not!

Disaster Mitigation

Fires, Cyclones and Floods happen in Rockhampton, Central QLD. They aren’t just words on a screen. In essence, they are terrifying and destructive natural disasters that can leave families stranded, with no shelter…

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Finally in the infighting


Finally the infighting in the Liberal Party has affected the Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce who expressed his frustration thus “It just frustrates me “this factional civil war has continued unabated since former Prime Minister Tony Abbott was unceremoniously knifed and shows no sign of cessation.

No government can govern when they are divided and the divisions within the Liberal Party are really affecting the competence of the Turnbull government, because while they are concentrating on themselves they are not concentrating on governing. This situation has to stop, either the factional brawl has to stop or an election should be called. Will the Governor-General act to ensure the Australian people receive stable government or will he allow this situation to drift. It’s time.


The nonsense I am reading

The nonsense I am reading in relation to the proposed Hell’s Gate dam is absolutely ridiculous. The Hell’s Gate dam is not needed, all that is needed is what was originally required in 1983 and that is gravity feed pipeline of sufficient size to deliver the volume of water needed for Townsville to top up the Ross River dam from the mighty Burdekin Falls Dam. Sadly the State Premier of that time refused to put up the required amount of money to ensure that it was built, and we have ended up with the cheap alternative which is far too expensive to use.

A gravity feed pipeline from the Burdekin Falls Dam can and should be built by a combination of Local, State and federal governments, let the conversations cease and the action begin, all be it nearly a quarter of a century late, but in Townsville’s case better late than never.

Presumption of innocence, or attacking victims & the legal system?

No Place For Sheep

I’m somewhat baffled by the insistence of George Pell’s more vocal and public supporters that he is being unfairly treated. He has, they assert, been subjected to years of suspicion and innuendo and this, they argue, makes a fair trial impossible. Their opinion: he is the victim of a witch hunt and should not have been charged. The ludicrous conclusion of this argument is that nobody should be charged with anything if there’s been public commentary prior to those charges being laid.

I would like to see some proof of this claim of inevitable prejudice due to Pell’s profile, though I doubt there’s relevant data. What is interesting is that whilst Pell himself has welcomed the opportunity to at last defend himself in court, his Australian supporters seem hell-bent on declaring the process already poisoned. Obviously they aren’t respecting Pell’s desire for his day in court. So what are they…

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Liberal Bludgers Should Engage in Job Creation

The Red Window

Liberals cashless welfare cardThe Australian Liberal Party are the champions of welfare bashing. If we treat the Liberals like they treat the unemployed, will they do the right thing and actively engage in job creation?

Tax Payers Funding Liberal Dependency

Most taxpayers don’t mind supporting Liberal Politicians who are doing the right thing. However, studies have shown that a wide number of these MP’s have become non-compliant. The public should take tough measures to ensure Liberal politicians are not just looking for a handout.

The compliance system delivered by the public is very simple. Job Creation, Fair Wages and Conditions for all Workers and properly funded Public Infrastructure and Services. This system is designed to ensure that Government’s capable of Job Creation – Do Job Creation.

The public is sick and tired of excuse after excuse. Spending too much time wining and dining corporate donors, or blaming Labor are not acceptable reasons to…

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