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Right Wingers Playing the Victim

Media Inequality

To be a right winger these days, you have to be good at playing the victim. Victim-playing defines the behaviour of right wingers from the Prime Minister and his in-fighting colleagues, throughout the right-wing business world, all the way down to the rank and file right-wing-trolls on social media. This is not just an Australian right-winger thing – but rather a worldwide movement. Play the victim. Take responsibility for nothing. Zero self-awareness. Here are some examples:

Men’s rights activists. I’ve watched The Red Pill. The men in this documentary claim that men are victims of society, more so than women. They provide evidence for these claims that include that men undertake more dangerous professions, and when there is a plane crash, women and children get saved ahead of men. They say this is evidence of society treating men as dispensable, a form of discrimination against poor, weak, underprivileged men. These…

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Let him eat cake: Abbott & marriage equality.


No Place For Sheep

Tony Abbott marries himself. Mural by Australian artist Scott Marsh.

In the first paragraph of his opinion piece in The Age today, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott encapsulates the condescension and toleration typical of many on the No side of the marriage equality debate thus:

Like most, I have tried to be there for friends and family who are gay. They are good people who deserve our love, respect and inclusion but that doesn’t mean that we can’t continue to reserve the term “marriage” for the relationship of one man with one woman, ideally for life and usually dedicated to children.

(Note: in almost every statement you can think of, whatever comes after a “but” negates wholly or in part what precedes it).

“They” are good people who deserve inclusion, however “they” do not deserve that ultimate straight privilege: marriage. And why don’t “they” deserve it? Because they are not…

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According to respected private research company

According to respected private research company Roy Morgan Research “real” unemployment in August is up to double figures at 10.2% with 1.324 million Australians (10.2% of the workforce) and 1.241 million people are underemployed up 2.4% on last year. While the Abbott/Turnbull government is hiding behind the ABS figure which suffers from government is underfunding and possibly government meddling to read 5.6% unemployed. Australians have over the years learnt to know government BS when they hear it, and they know how difficult it is to find a job and the ABS figure does not ring true with what they see and hear in the community.

The total according to Roy Morgan Research in August was 2.565 Australians either unemployed or underemployed which a whopping 19.7% of the workforce is. This is a shameful mismanagement of our economy. Malcolm Turnbull promised a new type of management when he rolled Tony Abbott but it seems nothing has changed, and Mr Turnbull has been a frightful failure. Roll on the next election; we simply can’t take much more of this incompetence.

I cannot recall

I cannot recall a time when federal government was in a worst position in this country; the coalition seems to be falling apart at the seams. We have seen an internal civil war between the extremist right wing faction of the Liberal Party v the moderate faction of the party which has been in existence since Abbott was knifed by Turnbull. The extremists seemingly holding sway by introducing the harshest policies ever seen in Australia on the poorest Australians.

This federal LNP government’s policies have forced in excess of three million Australians to survive living below the poverty line because there are far too many people and far too few jobs for these people. Apparently, between 2011-2016 we accepted 1.3 million immigrants which have further exacerbated the situation, and still no jobs policy except drug testing, from the LNP.

This country is in a terrible state, we have politicians making laws who may well be ineligible to make those laws, which would make every law the LNP have made, invalid since the Turnbull government was elected. These people have always considered that laws were made for others, not themselves. When the High Court returns their verdict on the Deputy Prime Minister and a by-election is called, only then will we see justice.