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Politicians, sex and the Press Gallery

No Place For Sheep

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear to me, the Daily Telegraph decided on Saturday to publish a piece inferring that Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce engaged in an extra marital affair with a staffer that has caused upheaval and discontent in his workplace, and his home.

My colleague Noely Neate offers some interesting speculations on the Tele’s piece here. 

What caught my attention was the reaction on Twitter from a few journalists, among them Katharine Murphy of the Guardian, who tweeted:

I’ve written on this convention here, but there’s more to be said about it.

The problem with Murphy’s convention is that it makes any…

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The sad demise 24.10.17

The sad demise of our vehicle industry because of the blind ideology of former Treasurer Joe Hockey who dared the vehicle manufacturers to go in 2014 along with his infamous horror budget saw the last of him, and his punishment was harsh, he was made our ambassador to the USA, of course another “jobs for the boys” affair. Our workforce and the Holden is no more which should raise our “real” unemployment figure to well over 10% according to Roy Morgan Research Corporation. The ABS figure has become redundant.

No wonder the welfare figure has shot up, unemployment is now well over 1.1 million people and underemployment is worse at 1.2 million people who cannot get enough work to support themselves or their families. This now means that well over three million Australians are living below the poverty line, a goal of the LNP to see working people living in poverty while they sell off public assets cheaply to their mates or donors; it’s a picnic at present for the wealthy.

I can see the situation in slow motion; if interest rates rise we will see homelessness in unparalleled proportions the like of which has never been seen in Australia. The LNP ideologues, the IPA are crossing off items on their wish list that they had never dreamed would or could happen. There is a huge Global Financial Crisis coming, we poorer people can feel the economy tightening there will be no room for the faint hearted when it hits.


Well former Treasurer Joe Hockey

Well former Treasurer Joe Hockey has been overseas and has not seen the product of his ideology when he dared Australian vehicle manufacturers to leave Australia in 2014. His ideology could not stomach the public/private nature of the car industry, everything for Joe had to be private or not at all. He has paid the price for his mistake being shipped off to the United States as Australian ambassador, having to listen to that annoying yankee drawl and twang all day everyday.

Sadly we have now lost thousands of jobs, and the skills associated with them at a time when Roy Morgan Research puts “real” unemployment at more than 10% despite the underfunded ABS figure of 5.5% which has now become redundant, the Australian community knows how tough it is to get a job these days.

Our economy is faltering; unemployment is rife accompanied by over one million plus underemployed people who cannot gain enough hours to support themselves, which adds up to a lot of hidden misery and poverty that the average Aussie does not see. This country has been bleed dry by this LNP govt with working people getting the worst deal in history under this federal government, something needs to change, and quickly or there will be a revolt in this country.

Martin Luther King 21.10.17

Martin Luther King once said “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” and how true that is. The injustice associated with politicians and the Adani project and allegations made by petition that follows: This is a job for the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission, if ever there were allegation of corruption that petition should raise the ire of the CCC to investigate all Councillors and all State members who have been involved in discussions. This raises the ire of the public who will now say “they are all the same” on the take. Any of those people found to been bribed by Mr. Adani need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Australia today has in excess of..

Australia today has in excess of 1.1 million people unemployed and a further 1.2 million underemployed as private survey company Roy Morgan Research corporation has noted, which in reality means a great deal of poverty exists within Australia.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics unemployment figure has become redundant as it leaves out a huge amount of unemployed people, and the federal government have just ignored around half of the real unemployed.

Poverty is rife in Australia yet the LNP don’t even display the morality of a rodent, toward it, self-interest is their major policy as can be seen with their current energy policy, the coal industry donate to the LNP and so the they look after their mates in the coal industry. This is not acceptable to the majority of Australians who want Australia to convert to renewable energy ASAP.

Those of us in northern Australia don’t want to see the frequency and strength of Cat 5 cyclones, as for us it can mean the difference between life and death.


What is a worker?

Media Inequality

Amongst credible economists and political leaders (so, not including Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison), it is universally accepted that Australia, like most other developed economies, has a wealth and income inequality problem. There are books and essays being written and read every minute about why this problem exists, but let me simplify in the words of a writer, not an economist: the people who own the capital (the business owners, shareholders and executives) are keeping profit from their investments for themselves, rather than dividing it amongst the people whose labour contributed to the return. This behaviour explains why company profits were up 40% to March this year, yet wages were only up 0.9%.

Before I go on, just a quick word about the behaviour that led to this outcome. You will often hear company executives and business journalists using passive language when talking about company profits and the way they…

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