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Queensland could not wear

Queensland could not wear the Campbell Newman LNP government’s privatization policies that were set to be carried out by his Treasurer and second in command Tim Nicholls, who is now the LNP leader. I note they have promised the world, knowing full well that they will find a convenient excuse post-election to not deliver on their promises, as LNP governments have traditionally done.

The Queensland Labor government has nearly restored the 14,000 nurses, teachers, police and other public servants that Treasurer Tim Nicholls sacked 6 years ago, which is why the LNP today are in Opposition. We have heard positive progressive policies from Labor such as a pumped hydro power station on the mighty Burdekin Falls Dam which was delivered by the Hawke Labor government in 1987; this along with a gravity fed water pipeline from the dam to Townsville’s Ross River Dam would solve many problems.

In closing, please cast your collective memories back just 3 years and remember just how bad this party is in government, and please put them second last on your ballot paper, just  in front of One Nation, who support the LNP in the federal parliament on their assault on the poorest Australians.



Turnbull must urgently clarify whether or not he is entitled to Israeli citizenship.

No Place For Sheep

The S44 citizenship saga has thrown up possible queries concerning the citizenship status of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

The first is this interview with the Times of Israel in September 2015, recorded when Turnbull ousted former Prime Minister Tony Abbott and took over the top job:

My mother always used to say that her mother’s family was Jewish, he (Turnbull) told the Australian Jewish News two years ago. Judaism is passed from generation to generation on the mother’s side, so if his mother was in fact Jewish, so is Turnbull.

The second is a piece from the Australian Jewish News, August 2013, headlined “Menachem Mandel Turnbull?” in which the same statement is made by Turnbull about his mother, Coral Lansbury.

If Turnbull is Jewish, he is, as is every Jew in the world with the exception of criminals and terrorists, entitled to Israeli citizenship under the 1950 Law of Return.


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As “real” unemployment reaches 9.5%

As “real” unemployment reaches 9.5% as researched by Roy Morgan Research Corporation, Australia continues to suffer under this conservative government LNP/One Nation/conservative independents; it seems obvious they have no plan for jobs, as consumer and business confidence is again in a downward spiral. The Australian Bureau of Statistics may very well release a figure of 5.5% but the public realizes that it could not possibly be true, there are far too many people who find themselves unemployed to take the ABS figure seriously.


The greed and self-interest


The greed and self-interest of the AMA and some, I stress not all, doctors is bloody disgusting. The Victorian, past AMA President who recently spoke against a person’s right to end their own lives when they feel the time is right, should be ashamed of himself for his contribution to the recent debate in the Victorian parliament. Victoria has the most stringent laws of this type anywhere on the planet, and the right to end a life laws were later passed in the lower house of the Victorian chamber of parliament.

Death as life, comes in all forms, some very fortunate people pass away in their sleep, while for others Life becomes a living hell. Those people are inflicted with Shingles and other painful conditions, and are in tremendous pain that not even morphine can remedy. Those poor patients are kept alive by insensitive doctors who will not grant their patients wish to end their life of pain and misery. Some have gained weight in their final years and find difficulty and horrible pain when attempting to walk with the aid of a wheelie walker, cannot sleep and have difficulty breathing, due to fluid build-up in the body, sometimes as far up as the lungs. Some also suffer with a lack of blood circulation which produces itches that cannot be satisfied and no remedy exists.

So before anyone condemns the Victorian legislation of the most progressive government in Australia, please consider that perhaps only 1% of the general public will ever want to use this legislation, and for those poor souls they deserve, in my humble opinion the “right to die with dignity” not strapped up to a machine, or having tubes and drip lines inserted into them to keep them alive. My grandfather died a terrible death in the 1980s, kept alive by doctors who would not let him go, and if he had this legislation in Queensland, he would surely have used it.

My granddad understood that there was nothing on the other side except death itself, he wasn’t frightened of a make-believe heaven or hell, as he realized that those places were a figment of the imagination of others, looking to make a quick dollar out of a control mechanism on society that sells hope and fear. If the upper house of the Victorian parliament passes this legislation into law, all progressive Australian governments should also adopt it and make it a uniform law across this nation. We do it out of compassion for our animals, when the time is right and there is no good reason why we should not do it for ourselves.