Queensland could not wear

Queensland could not wear the Campbell Newman LNP government’s privatization policies that were set to be carried out by his Treasurer and second in command Tim Nicholls, who is now the LNP leader. I note they have promised the world, knowing full well that they will find a convenient excuse post-election to not deliver on their promises, as LNP governments have traditionally done.

The Queensland Labor government has nearly restored the 14,000 nurses, teachers, police and other public servants that Treasurer Tim Nicholls sacked 6 years ago, which is why the LNP today are in Opposition. We have heard positive progressive policies from Labor such as a pumped hydro power station on the mighty Burdekin Falls Dam which was delivered by the Hawke Labor government in 1987; this along with a gravity fed water pipeline from the dam to Townsville’s Ross River Dam would solve many problems.

In closing, please cast your collective memories back just 3 years and remember just how bad this party is in government, and please put them second last on your ballot paper, just  in front of One Nation, who support the LNP in the federal parliament on their assault on the poorest Australians.


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