The working population


With the working population struggling with the LNP wage freeze, the median income is approximately $43,000 per annum, inflation is low but every week that passes the ordinary working person’s income has to stretch further than ever before due to subtle rises in the cost of living. It is no wonder that there are well in excess of three million Australians living below the poverty line, with no prospect of advancement under this federal LNP government.

As prices steadily rise and wages remain frozen, many small businesses will simply go to the wall and add to the already huge volume of unemployed and underemployed people in this country.  The Roy Morgan Research corporation puts “real” unemployment at 9.5% and it has always been a difficult task to be born working class and to progress in life, especially now that the Turnbull LNP government has limited university places, to keep working class people down.

We do not need personal income tax cuts, what we do need is for these foreign multibillion dollar multinational corporations to pay a fair share of income tax, instead this LNP government runs a protection racket so they don’t pay a red cent. Our aging infrastructure is badly in need of renewal and I am so happy that the Queensland Labor government is recognizing and acting accordingly, having promised to build the $100 million Burdekin Hydro Electric power station that should at least lower our electricity bills.




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