Well, what a Prime Minister


Well, what a Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has turned out to be, he has presided over five consecutive quarters of falling living standards for the Australian people. At least he has something to boast about at LNP black bow tie dinners, the deficit has ballooned to the point of trebling under this LNP government, and this is after they have frozen wages, and cut all but essential services, to which they have reduced. The incompetence required to get that result is mind-blowing. Under any other circumstances The Treasurer would be sacked.

Congratulations Mr. Turnbull and still 46% of the people still approve of you and your government. Your LNP government has lost the country the car industry, ‘real’ unemployment is running around 9.5% though it would seem that the Australian people have a masochistic streak, one can only wonder when they will really say, enough is enough!



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