In response to P. McDonald’s


I refer to P.McDonald’s Letter to the Editor dated 26th October 2015 Islam insists on tolerance but gives none in return since that letter was written we have seen numerous terror attacks at home and abroad with many lives lost.

What we have not seen is the Muslim community speaking out condemning those terror attacks committed by people of their religion, albeit fanatics. Religious fanatics of any religion are a danger to any civilized community. At present we have Sudanese children in Melbourne running wild, seemingly paying no respect for our ‘man made laws’ and this has to stop.

Australia has hitherto been a civilized nation, with one disgraceful continuing exception, that being the treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders since European settlement.

Australian Muslims must learn that in a basically civilized country like Australia, our ‘man made laws’ are to be treated as supreme, and that religious laws follow a distant second, and until that is learned by the Muslim community they will always remain in isolation from the rest of us. We don’t dress like fruit bats here, and anyone who does will receive the condemnation of the public at large.


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