In a desperate attempt


In a desperate attempt to get her name in the news the Queensland LNP leader Deb “freckles” Frecklington has put on a mock protest over wording for Commonwealth Games volunteers. What a great shame Ms “freckles” couldn’t come up with some new economic policy or to call for a start date to the promised $100 Million hydroelectricity scheme, promised by Labor during the election campaign to give certainty to North Queensland businesses.

I also noted “Hydro the best way forward” Townsville Bulletin Saturday 26th January 2018. I saw Professor Simon Bartlett’s recommendation to dramatically increase the height of the Burdekin Falls Dam wall by 14.6m, instead of the proposed 2m. The Burdekin Falls Dam is Queensland’s most reliable dam and it would make a lot of sense for the larger project to go ahead, provided the federal LNP government would make a significant contribution to ease the burden, it would be the first significant funding for N.Q. since the Burdekin Falls Dam was completed by the Hawke government in 1987, the good Professor has sited many good reasons for the project to go ahead asap in that article.

This is what the newly elected Queensland government should be moving on, progressive renewable energy projects, which if built now will be a great investment for the State’s long term future, producing both affordable energy and many, many jobs.


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