Well again, the3 Roy Morgan Research Corporation


Well again, the Roy Morgan Research Corporation figures for Dec quarter of 2017 are out, and they don’t make for enjoyable reading if you are either unemployed or underemp0loyed. According to the corporation we had 2.6 million people either unemployed or underemployed 1.32 million Australians were unemployed, which was an increase on the same period the year before, an increase of 126,000 (up 0.6%) on a year ago.

The Roy Morgan Research Corporation puts ‘real’ unemployment for the December quarter, Australia wide at 9.8%, substantially higher than the year before, and yet this Coalition government tells us that everything is good, I beg to differ. Coalition governments do precisely what this one has done; their policies have bought five consecutive quarters of falling living standards for ordinary people. We must remove them at the next possible opportunity or we will continue to slide into the mire.


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