I noticed the outgoing Predident

I noticed outgoing President of the federal ALP Mark Butler in his last speech as ALP President has expressed frustration with the factionalism of the party, and has called for greater democracy for ALP members, which is long overdue. We in North Queensland were aware of the tricks that the right wing of the party got up to, we even had someone go to prison for electoral tampering in the 1990s. At that time the right wing had people voting from cemeteries and post office boxes, I don’t know if things have improved since then, I would hope so?

For the ALP to have only 50,000 members Australia wide is appalling but until they develop policies that attract the everyday working families votes they are destined to, as the LNP, and in fact all political parties across the western world, deteriorate in membership numbers. We suffer from a similar stagnation as the USA in as much as we have two right wing main parties to choose from and then a host of smaller parties with not much hope of being elected.

Australia is badly in need of a working families hero, a person/party who will take some of the burden away from them and give them a chance to get ahead. The current federal LNP government is burdening working families so much that they have no avenue to progress, what with rent/mortgage, food, clothing (including school uniforms), petrol, electricity, car registration and insurance with no pay rises, they just can’t breathe.



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