I have not been a fan of Bill Shorten

I have not been a fan of Bill Shorten in the past, however that changed yesterday with his speech to the National Press Club. Addressing the current inequity in Australia concerning big business having an increase of 20% in profit over recent years while wages remain stagnant, I believe will touch a raw nerve in the view of the general public. While CEOs remuneration continues to grow at a very healthy rate at the expense of the workforce, has stuck out like a sore toe to everyday wage earners over the past 5 years.

Also Shortens plan for a federal corruption commission likewise will be welcomed by the general public, provided it is set up on the original NSW ICAC not the recently watered down version, which was a deliberate weakening because it was catching far too many LNP MPs in NSW.

And speaking of watering down, as a concerned ratepayer I would like to know how far the construction of the second water pipeline has progressed, with a few recent showers I believe we still have slightly more than just 15% in our Ross River Dam, however the pipeline construction and the solar array to power it while it is of the utmost urgency for the largest tropical city in Northern Australia, seems to be classified information? Why is it so difficult to get answers to perfectly reasonable questions in this country?


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