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Well, well this mean and nasty federal govt

Well, well this mean and nasty federal government has saved $1.4 billion over the past 18 months by screwing the most vulnerable ‘people’ in Australia. They should be so proud of themselves. We really need a government of the people, for the people, and we need it now.

We have well in excess of three million people living below the poverty line, struggling to survive, these are the facts! This government prattles on about creating 403,000 jobs last year, what they don’t tell you is that ‘real’ unemployment in Australia is approximately 9.8% with a figure of approximately 980,000 people unemployed, so in reality they are making no impression.


What a jot it was 09.02.18

What a joy it was to read in the Townsville Bulletin “Join the Stolen Wages Class Action”….Let’s do this together,  this issue has been a blight on Queensland history. The exploitation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people between 1939 and 1972 is something we as Queenslanders should be ashamed of, and I sincerely hope that these first Australians win their case against the Queensland government and each and every person who was exploited, or their surviving family member is repaid with interest, for the injustice they have suffered.


How to ‘un-smash’ unions

Queen Victoria always puts the facts in an interesting way to sheet home what those facts really mean.

Media Inequality

Labor’s Mark Butler says unions are in ‘deep crisis’ thanks to Howard ‘smashing the power of organised labour’. Although the history books say that Howard’s WorkChoices policy was killed by the trade union movement and Kevin07, in reality, the biggest trick the Liberals and big business-devils ever played was convincing the world WorkChoices was dead, buried and cremated. Just when workers felt they were safe, protected by the Fair Work Act, the Liberals and big business were bringing in individual contracts and minimum rates by stealth, and finding loopholes to sabotage collective bargaining. How did they do it? By turning workers against unions. And wow, wasn’t it easy.

In my study of trade union narratives, I have looked at the way the media framed trade unions, from the shearer’s strike, the pig iron strike, the waterfront dispute, the Hawke Accord to WorkChoices. There is a consistent theme in the coverage:…

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