Monthly Archives: March 2018

Well, the breathtaking arrogance

Well, the breathtaking arrogance of those who think that paying tax is for other people but not for them. “How dare you rob us” TB 17.03.18 demonstrates how the conservatives squeal when their assets are attacked in the same form as workers assets are constantly attacked by this conservative federal government.

The proposed measures will not have any detrimental effect on the workforce and will only effect Howard’s pensioners, those who had too much money to be eligible for the pension, but wanted pension benefits none the less. Howard changed the rules so these wealthy people could get the benefits, despite having a king’s ransom, and now they may have a benefit that the rest of us do not share taken away they are angry.

It should be the general population who should be angry that ‘the rules were changed’ for them. Working people also need a change of rules, which this extremist federal government will not change, because the conservatives enjoy keeping working people down.