The latest Roy Morgan Research Corporation figures

The latest Roy Morgan Research Corporation figure for employment in Australia shows that more people than ever were employed, however a large chunk of those people were in part time employment. Employment was still not strong enough to bring the unemployed or underemployed figure down to an acceptable level. Unemployment was 8.9% of the workforce (1.21 million people) in March down 0.4% on same period last year. Under-employed a staggering 10.0% (1.36 million people) are working part-time and looking for more work, a large rise on last year of 1.6%.

In a couple of days Prime Minister Turnbull will equal former Prime Minister Abbott’s unenviable record of 30 failed Newspolls in a row, and as the pressure upon the current Prime Minister grows, the Australian people continue to suffer with in excess of 3 million Australians living below the poverty line. Many Aussies are asking why, if things are so great, (according to the federal government) why are we living in poverty, obviously the doctored ABS figures are a sick joke, and we have a federal government who don’t even have a jobs plan, let alone a policy for future population containment on the driest inhabited continent on Earth.



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