Monthly Archives: May 2018

Yesterday as I listened



Yesterday as I listened to Question Time in the federal parliament my blood almost boiled as lie after lie was told. The Labor Opposition really need to have a good long think about their questions to prevent half truths being offered as answers.

For example the obvious question that needed to be asked yesterday was this “which budget followed the Abbott/Hockey 2014 horror budget, that restored the $40 billion mercilessly ripped from public health and education in that L’NP/LNP 2014 budget ?” The answer is of course that it has not been replaced in any budget since that time.

Yes public health and education has since the 2104 horror budget been on ‘life support’ with annual small increases keeping it that way. The truth is that these ultra-right-wing ideologs simply can’t tolerate anything with the prefix ‘public’.

I read with interest


I read with interest the KAP project on the upper Burdekin River recently. Bob Katter wants federal funding to establish what is known as the Upper Burdekin Irrigation Scheme to irrigate the vast plains of the North West in order to grow sugar cane in order to produce ethanol as an addition to Australian petrol in order to emulate Brazil and lower our carbon footprint with regards to emmisions.

E10 is a more efficient burning fuel but sadly only Queensland has mandated it because of our abundance  of sugar cane farms. I support any measure in lowering Australian emissions alongside the proposed hydroelectricity power station to be established at the Burdekin Falls Dam site, and if this proposal which includes the Hells Gate dam can proceed it all goes well for North Queensland development, and of course prosperity and employment.