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How the mighty Liberal Party of Australia has fallen

How the once mighty Liberal Party of Australia has fallen, not only have they suffered 34 Newspoll losses in a row, they have major factional fighting in two States.
The lunatic, religious right faction has infiltrated the Victorian Branch of the party and is threatening to take over the party’s organization’s State budget, while in NSW their meetings are turning into brawls.
The federal party has been disunited factionally for years with the latest row seeing former Prime Minister Tony Abbott threatening to vote against the party on important issues

As Australia struggles

As Australia struggles in the throws of the post Global Financial Crisis where neoliberal economic policy has delivered in the main for the past 30 years, for those who were originally the most wealthy and decreased the middle class, in some cases to living in poverty. This current federal government has never been less receptive to the needs of everyday Australians.
There¬† is a groundswell of resentment gaining traction as the vast amount of this nations great wealth is snapped up by only a few billionaires and foreign multinational corporations who are paying little or no income tax, while ‘their’ federal government continues to tell us that the reason that we are poor is because we are not working hard enough, despite the fact that more than 50% of all Australian jobs are ‘not permanent full time’, and job creation is not meeting demand, but this government doesn’t care.
Rather than correcting this situation our current federal government is planning to give these wealthy individuals and foreign corporations a huge gift of $80 Billion per annum in tax cuts, with the false promise of more jobs. This has stuck in the craw of everyday Aussies, at a time where we have government policies that favor the very rich and punish the poor, resentment is building to a crecendo.

With 13% of the Australian population

With 13% of the Australian population living in poverty it seems hardly conceivable that our economy could have grown by 1% for the last quarter giving the nation an annual growth rate of 3.1% unless of course it is the wealthy increasing their wealth at the expense of the poor
Even more startling when one of the pilars is said to be housing, as for many young couples, housing is out of reach, except to rent. This would further support the notion that the wealthy are building new housing for rental purposes, and expanding their portfolio’s at the expense of the poor.
Unless or until something is done for the youth of this nation with respect to home ownership (the most economical way to live) the backlash and anger will continue to grow, as was evidenced in the 2016 federal election when the Turnbull government was very nearly defeated. My political life began with the Gorton L’NP government and since that time I have never witnessed a more unfair and ideology driven federal government as this Abbott/Turnbull government.

It has now been revealed

It has now been revealed that the present state of employment in Australia has seen over half of all jobs in this country are classified as other than full time permanent. This mismanagement of the Australian economy has severe repercussions for Australia’s prosperity and Employment Minister Cash.. Banks cannot lend money for housing to people without the income to repay the loan, this however is only one of the implications, and does not bode well for the long term viability of this country.
When one limits the outlook to only this section of the economy, think of the amount of jobs lost due to the lack of construction of new homes. This incompetence has seen our federal deficit more than double in the past 5 years and if we see another global downturn, it will certainly have dire repercussions for everyday Australians.
The policies of our federal government have ensured this result, as Australia seems to be the odd country out in this respect. As a News Corp newspaper front page once cried, words to the effect “we must throw this mob out.”

So the comparison

So the comparison between the Roy Morgan Research Corporation and the Australian Beaure of Statistics is out again proving once again that the ABS is both underfunded and as a result inacurate. People who find themselves unemployed or underemployed know the truth of how difficult it is to find a job.
It’s time the Turnbull government ceased doctoring the ABS figures and admitted that they have failed miserably to make any indentation on the number of unemployed in our nation.

So old Barnaby

So old Barnaby and his mistress gained $90,000 for their son by not answering the difficult questions. How his former family must have winced through that second class reality show.
The important questions still remain, when did the affair begin, how were the jobs arranged for Ms Campion at tax payers expense, a fine way to support ones mistress I must say.
The whole affair disgusts me and in my humble opinion it is time that these federal conservative politicians were held to account for their actions. After all the largest group of tax payers are the 14 million strong work force, so it is that money these clows are using to subsidize their lifestyles