It has now been revealed

It has now been revealed that the present state of employment in Australia has seen over half of all jobs in this country are classified as other than full time permanent. This mismanagement of the Australian economy has severe repercussions for Australia’s prosperity and Employment Minister Cash.. Banks cannot lend money for housing to people without the income to repay the loan, this however is only one of the implications, and does not bode well for the long term viability of this country.
When one limits the outlook to only this section of the economy, think of the amount of jobs lost due to the lack of construction of new homes. This incompetence has seen our federal deficit more than double in the past 5 years and if we see another global downturn, it will certainly have dire repercussions for everyday Australians.
The policies of our federal government have ensured this result, as Australia seems to be the odd country out in this respect. As a News Corp newspaper front page once cried, words to the effect “we must throw this mob out.”


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