With 13% of the Australian population

With 13% of the Australian population living in poverty it seems hardly conceivable that our economy could have grown by 1% for the last quarter giving the nation an annual growth rate of 3.1% unless of course it is the wealthy increasing their wealth at the expense of the poor
Even more startling when one of the pilars is said to be housing, as for many young couples, housing is out of reach, except to rent. This would further support the notion that the wealthy are building new housing for rental purposes, and expanding their portfolio’s at the expense of the poor.
Unless or until something is done for the youth of this nation with respect to home ownership (the most economical way to live) the backlash and anger will continue to grow, as was evidenced in the 2016 federal election when the Turnbull government was very nearly defeated. My political life began with the Gorton L’NP government and since that time I have never witnessed a more unfair and ideology driven federal government as this Abbott/Turnbull government.


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