As Australia struggles

As Australia struggles in the throws of the post Global Financial Crisis where neoliberal economic policy has delivered in the main for the past 30 years, for those who were originally the most wealthy and decreased the middle class, in some cases to living in poverty. This current federal government has never been less receptive to the needs of everyday Australians.
There  is a groundswell of resentment gaining traction as the vast amount of this nations great wealth is snapped up by only a few billionaires and foreign multinational corporations who are paying little or no income tax, while ‘their’ federal government continues to tell us that the reason that we are poor is because we are not working hard enough, despite the fact that more than 50% of all Australian jobs are ‘not permanent full time’, and job creation is not meeting demand, but this government doesn’t care.
Rather than correcting this situation our current federal government is planning to give these wealthy individuals and foreign corporations a huge gift of $80 Billion per annum in tax cuts, with the false promise of more jobs. This has stuck in the craw of everyday Aussies, at a time where we have government policies that favor the very rich and punish the poor, resentment is building to a crecendo.


2 thoughts on “As Australia struggles

  1. malberto369 says:

    Fuck Marxism

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