‘ROGUE POLLIE LASHES LNP” Townsville Bulletin 16.11.18 I would hardly describe what Jason Costigan said as a ‘lashing’ however it does continue the problem that the federal L’NP government and it’s State counterparts face, which is internal squabbling instead of “getting on with the job” as the pollies are so fond of saying.
I can’t recall one positive statement from Costigan in all the time he has been in the Queensland parliament. Occasionally I see Freckles on TV and even less occasionally I see Crisafulli making some weak excuse of an attack on the Queensland Labor government however Costigan is all but invisible.
There are many infrastructure improvements that I would like to see for Townsville and North Queensland, including the proposed hydroelectricity power station built at the Burdekin Falls Dam site. If Costigan wants to open his mouth he should be advocating for that project to go ahead for North Queensland, not concerning himself with in the parliament with internal LNP politics.
Shaun Newman

Shaun Newman


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