Monthly Archives: December 2018

For the Coalition


For the Coalition, the latest Newspoll result entrenches the view that an early election would be preferable as for the third month in a row they are 10 points behind in the poll. The longer the delay the worse things will get for them, they could be all but wiped out if the situation lasts till May 19′ especially if a week is a long time in politics. The new Prime Minister is also on the nose in our egalitarian, secular society with his religious fanaticism and his pretense to be a daggy Dad.

Disunity is death in politics and this L’NP government has basically been at war between the factions from the beginning, throw in the consistent scandals Barnably Joyce’s affair with his staffer, leadership challenges and the failure to produce policies on Australia’s most pressing problems such as the cost of living, the loss of living standards, climate change, housing and homelessness, and you have a very angry electorate who will only get angrier.