I inteded writing a letter


I intended writing a letter concerning the laws of the Czech Republic on food, being far more health conscious and humanitarian than Australia’s in that all food that is nearing it’s use by date by law has to be passed on the their ‘food bank.’ However my attention has been taken by the worldwide protests of people wanting their governments to act on Climate Change.

We in Australia have seen protests from school children and others in recent times, but something Bill Shorten said the other day struck me as being quite true. He said no amount of evidence will convince a climate denier, which may be true. I saw the frightening power of Cyclone Althea in 1974 Cat 4, fast forward to the 21st century. Queensland has been affected by Cyclone’s Ingrid 2005 Cat5, Larry 2006 Cat4/5, Monica 2006 Cat 5, George 2007 Cat 5, Yasi 2011 Cat 5, Marcia 2015 Cat 5, and Debbie Cat 4, all in just 19 years.

Surely this is alone is all the evidence one would need who lives in North Queensland to be against mining and burning more coal? We have the technology to produce and store energy from the Sun, free of charge. We have Queensland’s largest dam to our west, the Burdekin Falls Dam, on which Mr Shorten and his Herbert representative want to build a Hydroelectricity power station to provide North Queensland at last with base load power, if only the climate deniers could see the merit in these projects.

Shaun Newman


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