Almost unbelievable


Almost unbelievable, the L’NP tax cuts to some of the most privileged people in the Australian economy, middle income Australia, and indeed The Treasurer actually used as his preferred model a teacher whose hubby is a tradie with a combined income of up to $200,000 per annum, certainly a nice situation to be in and one that many Aussies wish they were in.

This takes no account of the reality that more than half of the Australian workforce is  not fulltime and a large percentage are ‘under-employed’ and thus not earning to their full potential. Nor does this budget do anything for those workers who are having to do two jobs to make a half decent amount of money due to the lowest wages growth in 60 years.

Like all Liberal/ LNP budgets it positively discriminates against the lowest income earners with a heart of stone toward those poor souls on Newstart, 60% of whom have been on this miserly benefit for more than 2 years,. Can anyone reading this letter really imagine surviving on $277 per week?

This budget is clearly built on the backs of NDIS and Newstart recipients, with the NDIS scheme being again short changed by yet another $3 Billion in the coming financial year while the happy elite use their tax cuts for an overseas holiday. The hollow extra money for the Australian Taxation Office to supposedly chase the Multinational corporations without any new legislation is meaningless and only provides a fig leaf for this L’NP chaotic government to hide behind.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court, Deeragun

Townsville, North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

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