Monthly Archives: June 2019

All else has been tried 09.06.19


All else has been tried and failed many times over and finally we have arrived at the situation in Queensland/Australia where the one remaining option must be put into practice. In the face of continuing funding cutbacks from the federal government, we have seen electricity, vehicle registration, rates and rents and many other charges rise.

The only item still remaining is to tax the wealthy, those who can actually well afford to pay more. Those who have no problem constantly globetrotting, driving their luxury cars and dodging income tax to the detriment of the rest of us.

The State governments have been left without a choice if services to ordinary people are to continue. We already have 13 percent or 3 million Australians living ‘below’ the poverty line in order to keep these pampered parasites in the lifestyles to which they have become accustomed, it seems it is now or never. Is there a government in Australia that is prepared to prioritize people?


I thought I was watching an episode


I thought I was watching an episode of ‘back to the future’ today when I turned on the TV to see a federal Queensland MP suggesting an investigation into nuclear power for Australia. This MP suggested that he was an electrical engineer and that as such he could guarantee that solar panels did not work at night. The poor man is obviously not up to date with the 21st century and is unaware that battery storage has been working for years.

Obviously the disasters at Chernobyl and more recently at  Fukushima which still leaks radiation into the sea has not been enough to discourage these backward looking conservative MPs. What’s next from these people, an investigation into buggy building for horse drawn carts?