The nonsense I am reading

The nonsense I am reading in relation to the proposed Hell’s Gate dam is absolutely ridiculous. The Hell’s Gate dam is not needed, all that is needed is what was originally required in 1983 and that is gravity feed pipeline of sufficient size to deliver the volume of water needed for Townsville to top up the Ross River dam from the mighty Burdekin Falls Dam. Sadly the State Premier of that time refused to put up the required amount of money to ensure that it was built, and we have ended up with the cheap alternative which is far too expensive to use.

A gravity feed pipeline from the Burdekin Falls Dam can and should be built by a combination of Local, State and federal governments, let the conversations cease and the action begin, all be it nearly a quarter of a century late, but in Townsville’s case better late than never.

Presumption of innocence, or attacking victims & the legal system?

No Place For Sheep

I’m somewhat baffled by the insistence of George Pell’s more vocal and public supporters that he is being unfairly treated. He has, they assert, been subjected to years of suspicion and innuendo and this, they argue, makes a fair trial impossible. Their opinion: he is the victim of a witch hunt and should not have been charged. The ludicrous conclusion of this argument is that nobody should be charged with anything if there’s been public commentary prior to those charges being laid.

I would like to see some proof of this claim of inevitable prejudice due to Pell’s profile, though I doubt there’s relevant data. What is interesting is that whilst Pell himself has welcomed the opportunity to at last defend himself in court, his Australian supporters seem hell-bent on declaring the process already poisoned. Obviously they aren’t respecting Pell’s desire for his day in court. So what are they…

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Liberal Bludgers Should Engage in Job Creation

The Red Window

Liberals cashless welfare cardThe Australian Liberal Party are the champions of welfare bashing. If we treat the Liberals like they treat the unemployed, will they do the right thing and actively engage in job creation?

Tax Payers Funding Liberal Dependency

Most taxpayers don’t mind supporting Liberal Politicians who are doing the right thing. However, studies have shown that a wide number of these MP’s have become non-compliant. The public should take tough measures to ensure Liberal politicians are not just looking for a handout.

The compliance system delivered by the public is very simple. Job Creation, Fair Wages and Conditions for all Workers and properly funded Public Infrastructure and Services. This system is designed to ensure that Government’s capable of Job Creation – Do Job Creation.

The public is sick and tired of excuse after excuse. Spending too much time wining and dining corporate donors, or blaming Labor are not acceptable reasons to…

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Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s


Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s address to the IPA yesterday contained the words “Australia plainly, is not working as it should” and that “we are letting ourselves down”. I couldn’t agree more with Mr Abbott, however not for the same reasons as he expressed. This current government have extremist right wing policies that are harming this country both economically and socially, transferring wealth from everyday Australians to wealthy individuals and foreign multinational corporations.

Because of the lack of wages increase in recent years under the Abbott/Turnbull government and in some cases an actual decrease in wages via the cut to penalty rates, many economists and social commentators are predicting Australia’s economy will fail in the near future and we will go into a severe recession as the everyday person is confronted with ever increasing costs of living without the wage increase to cope with same.

Australia must break away from this anti-people, anti-tax for foreign corporation’s policies because it certainly is not a fair go for everyday Australians.


The results of the 2016 Census


The information from last year’s Census has been made available with some quite interesting results. It reveals that in the years since the Census before was taken, in 2011-2016, Australia had 1.3 million migrants come to our country and that is obvious when one goes shopping. We are no longer a country of white Europeans with a small indigenous population; we truly are a multicultural nation.

I took particular note that Muslim immigration had increased since 1991 by 160 per cent which is also reflected in the community. We have become more Asian and are enjoying the most successful multicultural society on Earth. Some commentators say that the country has retained our ‘fair go’ and egalitarian way of life, though with in excess of three million Australians currently living below the poverty line I question that opinion.


Having seen my child’s education



Letter to the Editor

Having seen my own child’s education fall short due to ‘a special needs’ child’s disruption of the classroom and threats to her person I find myself in the very uncomfortable position of having to agree with Senator Hanson on the matter of segregation of autistic children from regular classrooms.

Teachers are in an impossible position these days, not being able to control students as no discipline exists with which to punish unruly students. My daughter has been subject to flying chairs and desks launched by an autistic ‘special needs’ child who managed to completely disrupt the class. Queensland Education ‘special needs’ students need more supervision than the everyday child in all situations including education.

The ‘special needs’ child who disrupted my daughters classes has gone on to a career of crime, appearing recently in the Townsville Bulletins pages after assaulting a ‘friend’ of his.

Congratulations must go to the Turnbull LNP government


Letter to the Editor

Congratulations must go to the Turnbull LNP government on their ‘jobs and growth’ strategy, the latest figures from Roy Morgan Research says that our unemployment and underemployment number has risen appreciably from 2.2 million to 2.6 million that is 2.6 million Australian households under severe financial pressure. We heard from ACOSS in January that Australia had passed the three million mark of Australians living below the poverty line, goodness knows what that figure must be today.

Opening new coal mines is a 19th century answer to a 21st century problem, the greenhouse gases produced from continued coal mining will destroy our Great Barrier Reef and the 70,000 jobs that our reef supports, leaving Queensland destitute for jobs and Australia even more destitute for ‘jobs and growth’ this failure can only be placed at the feet of the federal LNP government who have occupied the federal government benches for four long years.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court, Deeragun

Townsville, North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

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Gees I feel embarressed

Gees I feel embarrassed for and on behalf of some North Queensland residents, knowing so little about politics that the One Nation vote has gone as high as 20.9 per cent in some areas of North Queensland. The absence of knowledge about politics sees many disillusioned people turning to the proxy Liberal Party which is One Nation.

One Nation voting history in the Senate has agreed with every piece of controversial piece of LNP legislation that the tory government has raised, including the cut to ordinary pensioners, who have worked all their lives on lousy wages and who have had to struggle to survive on the pitiful amount of pension payment handed out by this anti-people government.

How ordinary people can turn on their own kind and approve this punishment of the poor is beyond me, it’s time people woke up and smelt the roses and began giving a bugger about their fellow Australian and kicked ‘all’ of these conservative parties, including One Nation out of our parliaments.