So old Barnaby

So old Barnaby and his mistress gained $90,000 for their son by not answering the difficult questions. How his former family must have winced through that second class reality show.
The important questions still remain, when did the affair begin, how were the jobs arranged for Ms Campion at tax payers expense, a fine way to support ones mistress I must say.
The whole affair disgusts me and in my humble opinion it is time that these federal conservative politicians were held to account for their actions. After all the largest group of tax payers are the 14 million strong work force, so it is that money these clows are using to subsidize their lifestyles


Yesterday as I listened



Yesterday as I listened to Question Time in the federal parliament my blood almost boiled as lie after lie was told. The Labor Opposition really need to have a good long think about their questions to prevent half truths being offered as answers.

For example the obvious question that needed to be asked yesterday was this “which budget followed the Abbott/Hockey 2014 horror budget, that restored the $40 billion mercilessly ripped from public health and education in that L’NP/LNP 2014 budget ?” The answer is of course that it has not been replaced in any budget since that time.

Yes public health and education has since the 2104 horror budget been on ‘life support’ with annual small increases keeping it that way. The truth is that these ultra-right-wing ideologs simply can’t tolerate anything with the prefix ‘public’.

I read with interest


I read with interest the KAP project on the upper Burdekin River recently. Bob Katter wants federal funding to establish what is known as the Upper Burdekin Irrigation Scheme to irrigate the vast plains of the North West in order to grow sugar cane in order to produce ethanol as an addition to Australian petrol in order to emulate Brazil and lower our carbon footprint with regards to emmisions.

E10 is a more efficient burning fuel but sadly only Queensland has mandated it because of our abundance  of sugar cane farms. I support any measure in lowering Australian emissions alongside the proposed hydroelectricity power station to be established at the Burdekin Falls Dam site, and if this proposal which includes the Hells Gate dam can proceed it all goes well for North Queensland development, and of course prosperity and employment.


The latest Roy Morgan Research Corporation figures

The latest Roy Morgan Research Corporation figure for employment in Australia shows that more people than ever were employed, however a large chunk of those people were in part time employment. Employment was still not strong enough to bring the unemployed or underemployed figure down to an acceptable level. Unemployment was 8.9% of the workforce (1.21 million people) in March down 0.4% on same period last year. Under-employed a staggering 10.0% (1.36 million people) are working part-time and looking for more work, a large rise on last year of 1.6%.

In a couple of days Prime Minister Turnbull will equal former Prime Minister Abbott’s unenviable record of 30 failed Newspolls in a row, and as the pressure upon the current Prime Minister grows, the Australian people continue to suffer with in excess of 3 million Australians living below the poverty line. Many Aussies are asking why, if things are so great, (according to the federal government) why are we living in poverty, obviously the doctored ABS figures are a sick joke, and we have a federal government who don’t even have a jobs plan, let alone a policy for future population containment on the driest inhabited continent on Earth.


Well, the breathtaking arrogance

Well, the breathtaking arrogance of those who think that paying tax is for other people but not for them. “How dare you rob us” TB 17.03.18 demonstrates how the conservatives squeal when their assets are attacked in the same form as workers assets are constantly attacked by this conservative federal government.

The proposed measures will not have any detrimental effect on the workforce and will only effect Howard’s pensioners, those who had too much money to be eligible for the pension, but wanted pension benefits none the less. Howard changed the rules so these wealthy people could get the benefits, despite having a king’s ransom, and now they may have a benefit that the rest of us do not share taken away they are angry.

It should be the general population who should be angry that ‘the rules were changed’ for them. Working people also need a change of rules, which this extremist federal government will not change, because the conservatives enjoy keeping working people down.

Well, well this mean and nasty federal govt

Well, well this mean and nasty federal government has saved $1.4 billion over the past 18 months by screwing the most vulnerable ‘people’ in Australia. They should be so proud of themselves. We really need a government of the people, for the people, and we need it now.

We have well in excess of three million people living below the poverty line, struggling to survive, these are the facts! This government prattles on about creating 403,000 jobs last year, what they don’t tell you is that ‘real’ unemployment in Australia is approximately 9.8% with a figure of approximately 980,000 people unemployed, so in reality they are making no impression.

What a jot it was 09.02.18

What a joy it was to read in the Townsville Bulletin “Join the Stolen Wages Class Action”….Let’s do this together,  this issue has been a blight on Queensland history. The exploitation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people between 1939 and 1972 is something we as Queenslanders should be ashamed of, and I sincerely hope that these first Australians win their case against the Queensland government and each and every person who was exploited, or their surviving family member is repaid with interest, for the injustice they have suffered.


How to ‘un-smash’ unions

Queen Victoria always puts the facts in an interesting way to sheet home what those facts really mean.

Queen Victoria

Labor’s Mark Butler says unions are in ‘deep crisis’ thanks to Howard ‘smashing the power of organised labour’. Although the history books say that Howard’s WorkChoices policy was killed by the trade union movement and Kevin07, in reality, the biggest trick the Liberals and big business-devils ever played was convincing the world WorkChoices was dead, buried and cremated. Just when workers felt they were safe, protected by the Fair Work Act, the Liberals and big business were bringing in individual contracts and minimum rates by stealth, and finding loopholes to sabotage collective bargaining. How did they do it? By turning workers against unions. And wow, wasn’t it easy.

In my study of trade union narratives, I have looked at the way the media framed trade unions, from the shearer’s strike, the pig iron strike, the waterfront dispute, the Hawke Accord to WorkChoices. There is a consistent theme in the coverage:…

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I have not been a fan of Bill Shorten

I have not been a fan of Bill Shorten in the past, however that changed yesterday with his speech to the National Press Club. Addressing the current inequity in Australia concerning big business having an increase of 20% in profit over recent years while wages remain stagnant, I believe will touch a raw nerve in the view of the general public. While CEOs remuneration continues to grow at a very healthy rate at the expense of the workforce, has stuck out like a sore toe to everyday wage earners over the past 5 years.

Also Shortens plan for a federal corruption commission likewise will be welcomed by the general public, provided it is set up on the original NSW ICAC not the recently watered down version, which was a deliberate weakening because it was catching far too many LNP MPs in NSW.

And speaking of watering down, as a concerned ratepayer I would like to know how far the construction of the second water pipeline has progressed, with a few recent showers I believe we still have slightly more than just 15% in our Ross River Dam, however the pipeline construction and the solar array to power it while it is of the utmost urgency for the largest tropical city in Northern Australia, seems to be classified information? Why is it so difficult to get answers to perfectly reasonable questions in this country?

I noticed the outgoing Predident

I noticed outgoing President of the federal ALP Mark Butler in his last speech as ALP President has expressed frustration with the factionalism of the party, and has called for greater democracy for ALP members, which is long overdue. We in North Queensland were aware of the tricks that the right wing of the party got up to, we even had someone go to prison for electoral tampering in the 1990s. At that time the right wing had people voting from cemeteries and post office boxes, I don’t know if things have improved since then, I would hope so?

For the ALP to have only 50,000 members Australia wide is appalling but until they develop policies that attract the everyday working families votes they are destined to, as the LNP, and in fact all political parties across the western world, deteriorate in membership numbers. We suffer from a similar stagnation as the USA in as much as we have two right wing main parties to choose from and then a host of smaller parties with not much hope of being elected.

Australia is badly in need of a working families hero, a person/party who will take some of the burden away from them and give them a chance to get ahead. The current federal LNP government is burdening working families so much that they have no avenue to progress, what with rent/mortgage, food, clothing (including school uniforms), petrol, electricity, car registration and insurance with no pay rises, they just can’t breathe.