What a disappointment


Letter to the Editor

What a disappointing end to the State funded solar power station in Cloncurry, a project that could have provided the town with ongoing confidence to engage in future ventures, in short it could have lead to anything.

The short sighted naivety from the LNP Queensland government has unfairly stunted growth, and therefore jobs at Cloncurry. The $5.9 million that Campbell Newman withdrew goes alongside other large cuts to rural and regional Queensland such as cuts to the TownsvilleTertiaryHospital that all North Queenslander rely upon for treatment for everything from cancer to road accidents. Public education has also been attacked, the Liberal Party has rolled the National Party and we in rural and regional Queensland are paying the consequences.

I was very worried about this scenario happening before the election, we couldn’t vote Labor but if we had our time again we should have voted for either Katter’s Australian Party or for The Greens as a protest vote. Rural and regional Queensland is feeling the back of this Brisbane centric Premier’s hand, and personally I don’t like it.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email – sne35565

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