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Letter to the Editor

Australian Industry Group CEO Innes Wilcox seemed to veer away from the LNP approach to the economy yesterday on the ABCs Insiders program.

Mr Wilcox said business could quite easily cope with a budget deficit provided it is believable and credible this is the Swan plan for our economy, Mr Wilcox also seemed to reject the slash and burn policy of the Coalition LNP who already have $70 Billion of cuts from the last proposed budget they presented the electorate in the 2010 election. With declining revenue this figure will blow out to $90 Billion they will need to find, the only way they can do that is austerity measures, cutting already reduced services, as we have seen in Queensland with our LNP State government cutting services to the bone, sacking at least 15,000 public servants including doctors and nurses.

We should not fear a deficit in a climate of decreasing taxation revenue to the government, we still have a strong economy, however I fear that the cuts that an LNP government would make would actually send our economy into recession, the economy is delicately poised at this stage and any major people punishing austerity cuts could see us in recession or depression, it’s a frightening thought. I am not the biggest fan of a Labor government but I can see the great work they have done at a time of economic peril to protect jobs and keep our country out of recession, if the LNP were to win the coming election I am fearful that all that good work could go down the drain.

Given that we are four months out from an election and so far the only policies that we can be sure of is ‘slow broadband’ and ‘maternity pay for the wealthy’ and a rehash of WorkChoices, I can find no good reason for the average person to vote LNP.


Shaun Newman

13 Laura Court

Deeragun, Townsville

North Queensland, 4818

Ph: 0747516184

Email –


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